…RECYCLE your old BOARD at the BACKYARD….

The deal:

We love to build all sorts of stuff. Old snowboards are a sweeet building material with unique designs. We like the idea of reusing this materials instead of trashing them. If you want your old board to be part of the BackYard, bring it with you when you come up, or just put this address on the board with a SuperStickyGlue – so the postman has no troubles. When you visit the Yard the next time you might find parts of your old board installed somewhere permanent with some sort of use. Address to be sticked on your Board ::: BackYard – Klette 459 – 6283 Hippach – Austria

Impressions of what can happen to your old stick:



Wasted_Machine Sonnensegel_Halterung Grill_Boards Stuhl1 SPA_Saw Segel_Halterung2 Segel_Halterung3 Regal_LampeLampe2 Kleiderhaken Tisch