GetSome while staying at the BackYard


POW RUNS , LIFTS and easy Boot-hikes

The awesome network of connected lifts & a little motivation to hike up makes it easy to get some off-mass-tourist pow . After unstrapping your Board/Ski and hiking away from the crowds you will realize you effort is worth it when standing on top of something that is white, big and soft. We can guide you to some of these places : )))

Pow_TurnsPhoto: Gustav Ohlsson 

SKiAREAS with SKIBUS access

MAYRHOFEN has the AHORN Area and the PENKEN Area which is our HomeResort. With Skibus access just outside the Backyard directly up in the Area without dealing with the Crowds in the Valley!

HOCHFÜGEN and KALTENBACH are 2 huge connected Areas and about 20 minutes away from the yard…Skibus, Car, Shuttle gets you there

ZILLERTALARENA is a massive alignment of crazy Lift Technologies connecting 3 different Villages via the MountainPeaks with each other. Its so big that you can´t clear it in one day. Sorry. You can access the ZillertalArena with SkiBus, Car or Shuttle in about 15 Minutes

HINTERTUXER GLETSCHER is a BadAs GlacierArea. It is open 365 days per year, every 4 years even 366 days. There is a fun, rocky, lower section with trees and there is the upper glacier section with some BigMountins around. Lifts go up to 3250 Meters. In Wintertime there is Runs from the Top to the Parking lot at 1500 Meters… 1750 Vertikal : )))

 Matti_ChutePhoto: Gustav Ohlsson // Rider: Matt // Loc: Hintertuxer 

In fact there are around 172 Lifts in the Chillertal, all to use with one cardPistenplanfoddo 2



If you wanna get crazy hiking uphill and climb your face with your own energy you will have big chances to drop in without any Tracks in that Zone below you. You can find steep and gnarly coulois as well as open CruiserFaces in all directions. We do have In HouseSplitboardRentals & Tours for You to try out and get into it !!





If you are looking for quiet, Big & NotSoBig PowLandings to set a Booter on ,you can find these spots close the areas  : ))




VansPenkenPark 20 minutes from the BackYard


Betterpark Hochzillertal is one other Park where you better be better – 30 minutes from the Yard


The daily groomed 5 Lines and the 100-m long super pipe at the BetterPark Hintertux are usually open in Fall (September till December) and Spring (April to June/July) – 40 Minutes Drive from the Yard.



The BackYard offers natural Hits and Obstacles around the house which can be designed, built and hit by You. Check out the RomeSDS Edit at the BackYard from Last season : ))