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  • Pogo Powdersurfer

    Pogo Powdersurfer

    Today Mathias and Jürgen went out with Pogo Powdersurfers to surf the first storm of 2017 here in the Zillertal. There is no base yet , but it ain´t matters because it was quite deep. Absolutly challenging to surf the Powder with these Boards. Super Fun. More of a whole body Riding. Pogo installed 2…

  • BackYardGuiding – Winter time = Pow time

    BackYardGuiding – Winter time = Pow time

    Hier kannst Du das Winterprogamm abchecken:  

  • Backyard Austria Custom Splitboard Conversion – Voile DIY

    these days IBK professor steinhuber came out to create a custom Splitboard for his mistress. Success at the newly renovated BackYard garage workshop… measuring before cutting her board… drilling straight holes for the T-Nuts to sit in perfectly booom…another splitboard has been converted with the awesome Voile DIY kit not enough… mathi spraying gangsta-golden hooox&clips…

  • New born Splitter

    Last days Phillip was up at the Yard doing the Splitboard Building Workshop cuz he wants go get away and into it… Lucky us the cut went straight and the glue is sticking With Voile sending the awesome DIY kits over from the Ami-Land it makes it really handy to build your own split. After…